100 thick chick dating

22-May-2017 06:58

Its obvious that you will have a pretty hard time attracting ladies if you're an obese neckbeard.

Same goes for a fat girl, a cute face sometimes isn't enough.

Unreal, zero standards because she knew she was a whale.

The only thing she had going for her was her rack and youth.

But like a drama seeking girl I somehow found myself completely and utterly bored.

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All she wanted was a LTR, she'll make some Ishmael happy someday.I read up on testosterone, and I think I'm fine, I'm geting work done, so I'm not super distracted or using her to procrastinate on m obligations... Because I think if she were to become more attractive and enter the higher SMV level she would need to adapt her sexual strategy to the higher SMV guys. But when I got her clothes off, my dick would not get hard. She would fuck him but she would be dry as a desert.In a way, if I were only slightly more beta and didn't know how to actually get laid or be attractive, then maybe I'd be able to fuck her, but then the question arises of whether she'd be able t fuck me for being such a beta. There's really no reason to crush her self-esteem since we're friends and there is a bit of an emotional thing. Just like I would fuck that fatty but I would have to close my eyes and imagine someone else. Go for what you want, anyone else's opinion is just that - an opinion.It's funny reading this right after reading the Dad Bod article. No woman goes after a guy with the dad bod; she settles for him when she realizes Chad T. Man I love reading through the comments on these types of articles.