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Don’t you think it is kind of funny that after 100 years of the new scientific modern technology, not one single cure for a single disease has ever been found?Doesn’t it seem crazy that the exact same cancer treatments have been in use, with no practical improvements, for 100 years, and still less than 3% of patients recover?

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But are these claims backed by historical records or do they represent the most deceptive and successful public relations coup in the history of the medical industrial complex? – saved humanity from disease, then where are today's epidemic of Scarlet Fever victims for which no vaccine was ever administered?The reason why the MMS Protocols are so powerful is because while it is not a cure in and of itself, it provides the immune system with what it needs to be able to fight off virtually any disease caused by pathogens, bacteria and viruses.In a world where our bodies are constantly under attack from toxic chemicals and additives in our water and food, the benefits of MMS effecetively super-charging your immune system are quite simply incredible.It is also imperative to understand that the definition diagnosis of polio was dramatically changed when the polio vaccine was introduced, further manipulating statistics.