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This new public pathway, together with the old railway tracks and a signal box that stands beside it, serves as a reminder of the deportation of Jewish women, men and children. Here, people bade farewell to their loved ones or simply looked on with idle curiosity.A concrete ramp runs from the eastern border of the site down to the basement rooms in the Grossmarkthalle, demarcating the old basement entrance and forming a break in the landscape. A pane of glass at the site border enables people to look down to the basement entrance and peer into the “depths of history”.The years from 1941 to 1945 constitute a very dark chapter in the history of the Grossmarkthalle, as the basement of its eastern wing building was used as an assembly point for the deportation of Jewish people.Here, more than 10,000 members of Frankfurt’s Jewish population boarded trains that transported them to concentration camps.The annual activity report presents the achievements reached and corresponding resources used by the DG during one year's activities. It is also a management report of the Director-General to the Commission on the performance of his duties as Authorising officer by delegation, in the management of the EU budget.Evaluation is a constructive-critical, evidence-based judgement of how well an EU measure (for instance legislation or soft law) adopted a few years ago has achieved its stated objectives. The basement room in which people were held before being deported has largely been left in its original condition to form an authentic part of the memorial.

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