12 step recovery dating

08-Aug-2017 14:50

Twelve-step programs are self-help meetings where participants admit past mistakes, surrender to a higher power and learn to stay sober.Alcoholics Anonymous was the first 12-step group, established in the 1930s.In fact, two large multisite studies found that nonreligious participants who commit to 12-step programs seem to benefit from these groups as much as religious individuals do.Some support groups may interpret a higher power to be something other than a religious deity.The Oxford Group, a Christian organization founded in the early 20th century, based its core principles in spirituality and involved honesty and unselfishness.Although Wilson declined an invitation to join the group, he conceded the possible existence of a higher power.AA uses the 12-step formula outlined in The Big Book to ask members to take responsibility for improving their behaviors and assisting others in their recovery.Since the development of AA, many other self-help groups have incorporated the 12 Steps into their program.

Meetings often are held in public facilities such as schools, churches or community centers.

For decades, countless individuals have used 12-step meetings to recover from substance use problems.