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[53 apologies.reasons and promises3 Revlewand Progreee Portfollo Reading andwrltlng Portfolio 3 ll alormalletter W acurlcu Iumvltae(Cln Gm Help with Ustening R Heading W Writing4 That’s entertainment! Language Summary 4 p126; CD—ROM 4A-D; Workbook p204A The silver screen p28 flfl types of film;past participles(-3 Present Perfect lor life experiences (1):positive and negative 43 The rhythm of life QI music fl Present Perfect for tile experiences (2):questions with ever(3) linking (2):/w/sounds40 TV or not TV? In fact, orienteering is often called "The Thinking Sport" by its participants, and mathematicians, scientists, and computer programmers tend to be attracted to the sport for this reason.Well over half the members of BAOC have careers in a technical field of some sort.flfl verb-noun collocations (1) (TE wllltor prediction;be able to (3) 'II and won't5B Never too old flfl verb-noun collocations (2)at future plans and ambitions:be going to,be planning to,etc.(Kl going to 50 Out of this world Q.verbs and propositions 6153 Reading:a magazine article: Listening:a radio interview (23 linking:review (1) 5D It's for charity fill] otters.suggestions and requests5 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 ll language school brochures VI formal and informal letters 6 Family and friends Language Summary 6 p130; c D—ROM 6A—D; Workbook p306A Life with teenagers fl character aiiiectives (3 making comparisons:comparatives,2 lat,much.a bit.(not) as 63 Holes people play If.relationships (2)Ii superiatives ac Family Business CI prefixes and opposites of adjectives:un-,in-,im-,dr‘s~ Reading:a TV guide; Listening:a radio dramafl:3 mixing words 6D Call me back [33 leaving phone messages (13 on the phone6 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 ll notesand messages ill manages mmsing words:common abbreviations 3. —x-— :2 — Where is he going to open his new How s 3_ does she _ if travelaround London?

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Tentative information suggests that the sacrifices were made to the goddess of fertility, whose statue is now in the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta."Real" orienteering takes place in the woods, on a map that typically looks like this: Unfortunately, it will be challenging to ever take Proof School students to this type of terrain, since not only are all of our wooded mapped areas a considerable distance from downtown San Francisco, but they are also difficult or impossible to reach by public transportation.Unfortunately, in the United States, orienteering is still very much a "fringe sport," but the Bay Area Orienteering Club (BAOC) is one of the largest clubs in the country, typically organizing two or three orienteering events a month.I attended my first orienteering event in 1993 and was immediately hooked, since it combines both physical and mental challenges.Malta has a long Christian legacy and its Archdiocese of Malta is claimed to be an apostolic see because, according to Acts of the Apostles, Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, in reference to Malta's many bays and coves.