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a.m: Session 1 — Owl biology talk with live owl p.m: Session 2 arrives.Both sessions: Lunch p.m: Both sessions – Band the Barn Owl chicks p.m: Session 1 departs.Pete 6/1/17 The Starr Ranch Kestrels did not use the box this year.I think they wound up nesting in a cavity somewhere a few hundred yards south of it.7/3/18 I’m going to take the now empty tin of canned squid (which scylla posted that I had on hand to try to use to live trap a raccoon that showed up, but that shouldn’t really be here in this habitat) I wound up catching him without this and I relocated him, but just wanted to get rid of this squid. Anyway, I just cleaned out the tin and am going to place it by the watering hole. Recall the recent ACWOs taking chicks from the HOFI nest. However, this means that I need to turn off the BNOW cavity cam mic, which I am about to do. Pete 4/7/18 Some of you may know of Sandy’s 4wd accident on the Ranch on 3/27.So I put it there to see who might be interested in eating it. And then from time to time put in it various things to see what might like them. Well, we got back home from the hospital last Monday and Sandy is doing so well recovering that I was able take the time to . Schedule of activities is below and lunch will be provided.This won’t double your pledge but just serve as an easier way for us to track. Pete 1/5/18 I bought a new cam for the watering hole and am about to replace the one that’s there. Am working on eliminating the annoying time/date stamp, etc. Pete 12/10/17 PM PST The new cavity cam is up and working, at least to the basement where the servers are.

Has to do with lack of testosterone and in bucks causes non-shedding of antler “velvet” and abnormal antler growth.

I’m always amazed at what various wildlife might do for food – natural or from humans. Pete 6/18/18 We’re starting to see more mule deer and fawns around the Starr Ranch HQ. I’ll also use it’s built in mic which hopefully will work well.

Pete 5/20/18 Some recent videos you might enjoy from the Starr Ranch Trail cam: .

Pete 2/4/18 About 5 years ago Jorge arranged for his employer – Broadcom – to generously donate two decommissioned PC’s to use as our cam servers.

He then programmed them in Linux (he is a whiz at this and many other things) and they have been great.Scylla – you mentioned having trouble the other day. Thank you ALL for your contributions on Tuesday (and every other day…) They really are deeply appreciated. She will be on hand to clean the cam lenses from time to time. Pete 9/25/17 The at Starr Ranch tomorrow, Tuesday 9/26. Will likely start around 8AM PST and be out most of the day. Pete 9/1/17 First off, it’s been blistering hot here lately at Starr Ranch. There have been two juvenile Ravens around who have taken a shine to the compost and like to visit it often. I will also be reinstalling the watering hole cam because it is dry, dry, dry here and I’m seeing misc wildlife now even coming in to the drip that is always there. And while Gretchen, Jorge and I still need to fine-tune some stuff on the new cams for the cavity and PTZ I’m hoping to get them up soon.Pete 10/20/17 A new VISITOR to the compost cam in the wee hours of today. Here is a clip of her doing an incredibly thorough job her first time out. Pete 9/12/17 Our power is back but I’m having a hard time getting the cams back up. Pete 6/22/17 After a long absence we finally caught a glimpse of Starr Buck on the trail cam. And here’s a Grey Fox “getting into” the scent station on trail cam during the day.Pete 3/4/18 PST Jorge has finished setting up and testing the new server and I’m about to give it a try.