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Someone concludes that they have made a selection error, they feel the despair of the Power Struggle and decide to end the relationship.

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That's why the poet can say, "I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I'm with you".

There is a great emphasis on similarities and "sameness". One partner will say, "I don't believe in this "we are so alike" stuff. In this stage the couple is hopefully bonded and connected and appropriately committed.

I value differences and believe differences should be acknowledged and respected! I tend to see this enchantment stage as a little be of grace in nature.

The Enchantment Stages lasts on average 6-8 months.

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I have worked with couples where it lasted only a few weeks before the power struggle emerged and have known other couples where it lasted 2-3 years.Does this mean that children are hard on marriages.While most parents are loathe to acknowledge it, the painful truth is that children require a lot of energy as do jobs and careers.These are the couples who create the famous "U" on the marriage satisfaction charts. Some look at these statistics and say there is something wrong with marriage.