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There are a few even still on the Island whom it would be desirable to have removed if a permanent settlement were established in the neighbourhood." Although Sutherland proposed that the settlement was broken up out of a desire to save the Aboriginal women, there are numerous reasons to suspect he didn't have Aboriginal welfare at heart.

Firstly, he insulted the sealers for living like the natives, which indicated that he lacked any respect for Aboriginal people.

Therefore, an excuse was needed to remove the people on the island.

Thirdly, once "liberated" from the sealers, the Aboriginal were dumped on the mainland where the commander acknowledged they might struggle to survive.

Despite the prevailing myth that the Tasmanian Aborigines did not survive the invasion of the British, in the mid 1970s, historians, such as Lyndall Ryan and Anne Mc Mahon, wrote about the emergence of a new Aboriginal community in Bass Strait, descendants of predominantly white sealers and the Tasmanian Aboriginal women whom they abducted and forced to work as slaves." Perhaps Indigenous Australians are not bothered by the perceptions that they are descendants of rapists but there is some reason to doubt the accuracy of primary sources that indicate that sexual relations between European men and Aboriginal women were always based on rape.

The questions are important because perceptions of the past influence how people are seen in the present.

Munro argued that the women wanted to stay with their sealer husbands and their children rather than marry Aboriginal men unknown to them. The fact that the sealers would appeal to the governor indicated that they didn’t feel that they had anything to feel guilty about and that the accusations against them were baseless.

After losing the women, Robinson’s description of the sealer became even more critical.

Secondly, it was planned that Kangaroo Island would be the site of the first free colony in South Australia.

Pre-existing people, Aboriginal or sealers, would have complicated the settlement process (Kangaroo Island had no people in 1788).He managed to convince some Aboriginal men to move to the Island and then decided that they needed some women for the mission to have a future.To provide the women, in 1830, Robinson seized 14 Aboriginal women who were living with sealers with the plan of marrying them to Aboriginal men on his Flinders Island mission. The sealers responded by sending a representative, .The reasons for the removal were explained by "They are complete savages, living in bark huts like the natives, not cultivating any thing, but living entirely on kangaroos, emus, and small porcupines, and getting spirits and tobacco in barter for the skins which they lay up during the sealing season.