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Mesa students have been described as her soldiers they are dedicated work hard and turn down a challenge this is because she believes that they can do it so they do mrs.Mesa not only schools her students but her parents are a large part of processed parents listen to everything that she says and Implement what is required so that her students are successful she insist that parents do their part and they do when I'm in her classroom what stands out to me is that her students are always engaged in some form or fashion weather there in working with each other writing responses to text or explaining a problem remember this is only second grade engagement is always at a high level and meaning she stays for hours after school and making sure that every lesson and activity are well-planned and that all of her students needs are met teachers off and go learning walk to mrs.Justin Birch Morgan Payne who plays 6 Brazos Valley show on the livestock team in Austinburg oh who cannot also be with the dairy cattle we've got Casey Spruce Kendra Michaela Cruz which is with this today also mechanic Bank United a huge accomplishment that's the overall winter and her category if you will and then we've also the floor culture team Jay Ramirez but she's got some his Awards here with him lowering gustavo's Richard Soto Alonzo Laredo Jerry Place.7th at Tarleton State and 5th & Mc Lennan of this past year so like I said we've got to Brazos County we had two individuals who up here and Mikayla Cruz and Peyton if y'all Ray Charles hands real quick they showed heifers at the Brazos Valley show Lisa dergan who's also with us to Shota a goat who did extreme well there at the show and Morgan Payne who also showed a hog here in our County show like I said star call Russ do I know we got a pretty big agenda there if you would give these guys around of Applause please thank you hi Tristan walk over here with that big cowboy hat Melissa so she is just big enough Vegas graduation thank you thank you all and congratulations okay next up we have a an essay winner principal at Sam Houston yes it is an honor to be able to introduce you Taylor a Sam Houston Elementary 5th grader and this year are 5th graders participated in the annual essay contest for the Daughters of the American Revolution and it's essay contest included all fifth graders from the entire Brazos Valley the lot of people participating and the winner of this contest put it on other than our own Taylor's fire so we are very proud of her thanks really the beginning because then she had her as they sent the state competition because not only was it chosen to represent the Ray category in the state competition but it was chosen the best essay from all local fifth through eighth graders stop going to be able to tell you what the topic was and hey what was the topic American Patriots who supported American symbol for Independence and I wrote about Crispus Attucks hey and a couple of weeks ago she was at will a she helped with the radio spot at Katie a.m.

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Free mots Best Popular international Websites large.standby mystery to approve the policy amendment to ccg local all in favor in the game by saying hi I have one last question this is just more than just me know we're looking at is consultant but when the agreement and I'm just going to eat your way down the road we were using you as a consultant now for the application process the 1ft agreement where in the future to be approved by the board and we move forward who's responsible to monitor that agreement in the progress well and so any any services that we do in the future for reporting requirements actually the company owes the feed for that as well so far I report.report to us that's the question that I didn't answer is elegant elegantly as elegantly as please go to the company pays every bit of it and this is a very report intensive program unfortunately and they're trying to saw this legislative session but will see you at my guess is we end up with more reporting requirements than last it's not it's going to take one more time it's going to take more effort but the any of the fees and and things will go from to the company Punk'd I ate that raises since I've been more time I'll ask this question my lawyer background tell me showing a little bit but I I want to make I don't know obviously the companies paying your fees but how did y'all get involved in this and I'm not trying to ask me what my question has to do with making sure we don't any kind of conflict of interest here with regard to your loyalty obviously your loyalties so are there other law firms that are doing this or know how do we how do we ensure our tax virgin and the voters in the district that that you're acting independently of their interest in SLE for our interest if you can explain that turns out there's a few and I still are no cases of school Finance Consulting from we're not attorneys we work with O'Hanlon mccollom & demerath Kevin O'Hanlon was former general counsel of tea back in the late eighties and nineties and I he basically drafted intruments on behalf a district to make sure that there's no harm to District that also any agreement you see out there is a boilerplate of Kevin if it doesn't happen to be from from our firm I'm so if there are a few other firms a lot in West Texas cuz there's a lot of wind turbines out that way Underwood law am I believe it's another firm that does it and there's some Michael Baumann Schwartz I believe is another from this done a few of those are we've done about weave how about ninety-nine 5% of the firm's Pacific Industries set alarm for an hour to work for a general counsel for for the school district the district will go with them rather than us but it's far how we got in the business that we have one of the only School of Finance models that projects 15 years out and so that's that's how we kind of got into the business Kevin O'Hanlon is always been up been hired by School District so we have never worked for a company Ravalli for Crucible District we're good thank you very much kind of easy no problem instead of the application quick process will get with company make sure everything ready and then we'll need the superintendent signature and then will submit it to the Comptroller and get the ball rolling help to do that within the next and I get everything in order so we'll be coming back to get it via email or something thank you very much okay are we up Amy the interest on tax refund tonight I'm asking for your approval for the school trick to pay interest on some property tax refund we have three taxpayers that truly property value protest did win their protest through a dead these three entities had paid their taxes the time in order to stop and any penalty and interest is done their appeal sale so the county has refunded them there full amount of the property taxes as it was rendered it wasn't the full amount that there was a negotiated amount for the property value reduction we are obligated by property tax code 42.43 to pay particular company's interest on the money play been holding on since their time of payment and that's calculated has listed on their the interest for one is .59 the other one is 686 39 and the last one is 6920 by taking action and approving this tonight it will allow me to pay best amount of in time before a 12% interest rate would kick in which is the date in May prior to our next board meeting so I'm asking for your Pinterest pets that are listed I'm actually the refund amount because we have contract with the county that collects it they've already refunded that amount but I need your approval to pay interest but Daddy did they take it from Arnett OEM are there any questions just curious how far back in time does the actually just hold on years have a copy of them no discussion I would entertain a motion to prove it name of Interest I move approval of the payment of interest to the listed three taxpayers in accordance with section 42.43 of the Texas property XCOM motion by mr.100 ahead, its Sites dating has An lot dating beautiful the like may free dating more accepting with to.

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I'm young and vibrant, I'm an artist and a student.I'm 19 looking for someone to have fun with and also share moments with.Mason's room which is exciting to me because she has so much to spare yes I have to say the Henderson Elementary is a much better place with the teacher for these reasons and more I feel Karina is deserving of the BISD teacher of the month my daughter congratulations quickjack Sergio thank you I'm going to introduce the secondary teacher of the month Miss Jackie Martin and I'm going to read for her donation letter doing you at Bryan high school jacket Martin has demonstrated an ability to work with students from diverse populations I know her from a personal dedication professional growth and Improvement Hillary instructional techniques he behaves ethical and models good citizenship at work in her Communications with me she is stop on the respect integrity and commitment to adapting and truck needs to meet the diverse Learners as an outdoor one Jackie works with students to lay the foundation of success in future mathematic classes she tires of sleep 6 activities ideas to improve or instruction to create an engaging Learning Center classroom I have been her classroom on numerous occasions and witness her draw reluctant learn scaffolding per instructions so each student can experience success she plans activities are matching galleries learning walls think pair share excetera in smart board games such as Jeopardy and whack a mole and that is really a game I saw that so students can enjoy what learning is all about Jackie also utilized technology in her classroom to increase the level engagement have Austin's things students work problems on a Smartboard and explaining their solution to the rest of the class she has recently Incorporated web classroom management program in which students have created avatars and are then rewarded for participation and behavior and it is very very successful because you spent time to research and implementing this program behavior problems have a decrease in the time students been engaging in learning has increased this is one of the many reasons why Bryan High School wants to nominate this Jackie Martin as a secondary teacher of the month call wife mobile how to spell for teachers and thank you to Citibank for supporting his endeavors will take a moment for those of you came for the recognition you're welcome to go with us you don't have to go welcome to I have I have one card for Citizens comment from Charlene regarding to language buenas noches Hoon today Citgo is superintendent a wallet Mi nombre es Charlene hey good evening Board of Trustees and superintendent wallets Charlene cheap mother of three one currently attending Henderson Elementary and part of the dual-language program there the next one begins the fall and submitted paperwork for kindergarten program at Henderson as well Tapas his brothers I'm here on behalf of the current but more importantly the future Anderson Elementary students 10 through the two-way system that integrates link to minority and language minority and provides instructions in English and I also represent local businesses that will seek future staff that have bilingual skills I'll speak up Pizza the first one to say thank you for your personal time and commitment and serving as trustees and know your job is not an easy at how to determining the best record to take that not only serves students as a whole but it's barely responsible however I trust it is should you live and work within our community you offer relevant and real-world perspectives to District staff that goes beyond just Pub number start interesting ratio to help education provided by B I will prepare students to graduate are additional education to pursue their chosen professions education skills that are current and relevant to an increasingly diverse community local and Global impact I believe that the two major functions of Education or to transmit the culture values and lessons of the past to the current generation Tara children for the world in which they will live preparing children for the world in which they will live is becoming more difficult than ever and retrospect there has been a compliance of changes I have significant impacted the direction of modern education I believe this a first Major Impact with computers in the next will be the English Spanish the first personal desktop computer was created in 1974 called the alto Apple came along in 1977 by the way if you were I didn't get my first computer until I was in college and even then I was one of the few of my dorm that had one today my two-year-old knows how to access his favorite game change my settings call his nana toddlerhood in all of our lives in one form or another and to think that the air of computers in our lives turn 35 years old computers and job opportunity and are on the ride wearing creeping Level Society that extends well outside our country's borders that forces us to embrace a more diverse Society in mindset modern high-speed computers and Telecommunications have Sissy play do the rapid movement of Financial Resources goods and services and have created and interdependence among the world's economies to benefit from these kids Nations must be competitive and to be competitive they must have a well-educated multi-language Workforce sick and not on the compete but communicate within the global Arena additional facts there are 329 million native spanish-speakers which is the head of English speakers which is 328 million 50.5 million the Hispanic population of the United States as of 2010 constituting a 43% increase from 20 132.8 million day estimated Hispanic population in 2050 I believe that means we must prepare our students for a multi-language much like what was done with the Inception of computers the global Plainfield to notes that the US must change our educational curriculum again are we will a further behind an economic presents and jobs for Citizens as a local business owner I drove to serve my customers on a daily basis this is a problem I understand the states on the district to provide one way English as a second language ESL classes the new arrival Center in AC and English Language Academy Ela offered with nbimc however you must also realize a growing need to engage and speakers equal opportunities for bilingualism to ensure a true respect and blending of cultures through the way Spanish and English speaking class setting the benefits of which are when when as this is for the two ways English and speaking children who learn not only from their formal instructions but also among themselves on a daily basis the result is huge opportunity economic advantages for this job opportunities now along with her scores on standardized test and prove abilities and Divergent created stopping in middle engine linguistic awareness when I'm asking you today is a parent and business during the Opera public forum to the viable options on how the program may be kept at Henderson a program that is not even four years old or placement of what are program including assisting students at Henderson at one campus such as was done with the gifted and talented program currently to maintain nuity with the program and the families with multiple siblings May attend the same school that are currently within Henderson program many parents are still unaware of the law don't language program especially the several that it ruled today that there kindergarteners at Henderson Elementary and with so little time to move on parents to attend I got several I began discussions with some districts 4 sentences make a phone call on Friday about the impact that lives in the program and Henderson would do and possible ways of the program may be restructured in order to keep the program in Henderson and Johnson Elementary play the time in open communication that talked to roses and this Veil is provided and believe that it is given permission by the Board of Trustees a solution would be at and well attended there a public forum along with the data on Reasons from those that have left the program this far again I thank you for your commitment and consideration to keeping this program in Henderson Elementary is this on the same topic yes it is Leanne Hale I thank you for hearing from me I'm super short here and sweep I've had it since I've been there a second grader and a kind of kindergarten that I would love to start this program Beacon Reef in Spanish she's never had a bad experience I didn't want to get up sex is so important to me you know they say that the most important thing you can have in school what involved.