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15-Apr-2017 11:19

We’re positive it will get your honey-bun all sorts of excited to ‘travel the world’ with you. You can totally customize and decorate YOURS however you’d like because Courtney has included a whole page of embellishments to use on your card.

Any embellishments you don’t use can be saved to dress up your DIY Passport Printable later on. Next up in your kit of passport printable amazingness is your very own Travel Itinerary!

This over-the-top awesome addition makes it so your sweetie can travel the world with you, of course, and is once again SO fun to assemble!

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We’ve included a few FANTASTIC travel-themed adventures that are totally done for you! As if you weren’t drooling over this gift idea already, we decided to crank up the fun factor by including your very own DIY Passport Printable!

We’re SO excited to offer everything you need for 12 months of international themed date nights.