Accommodating ptsd in the workplace

21-Aug-2017 13:02

Employment Obtaining Employment: What to Expect The ADA prohibits discrimination against qualified employees or job applicants on the basis of their disability.

It covers all employment practices, including the job application process, hiring, advancement, compensation, training, firing, and all other conditions of employment.

Employers with fifteen or more employees must comply with these provisions.

Typical examples of reasonable accommodations are: For more information about these provisions or how to file a complaint, see Contact Information for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If there are several inaccessible features and it is not easy and inexpensive to correct them all at once, they should be corrected over time.

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The rules for government facilities are outlined here.

For practical advice on workplace accommodations, see Contact Information for the Job Accommodation Network.

So, if you´re a veteran with a hidden disability like PTSD, you can decide. For practical advice on workplace accommodations, see Contact Information for the.… continue reading »

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Such accommodations for a PTSD worker could involve flexible scheduling to allow the employee to go to counseling sessions or offering more work breaks.… continue reading »

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Feb 17, 2009. Prior to implementing workplace accommodations for employees with post-traumatic stress, employers should ask themselves the following.… continue reading »

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Oct 24, 2011. The degree of work limitations related to PTSD — as with all mental health. What accommodations are available to reduce or eliminate these.… continue reading »

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