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This example measures 76cms in its scabbard, 69cms out and has a blade length of 49.5cms.

The oversized pommel is 1cms thick, 5.5cms wide and 12cms long.

The tang is peened over a decorative bronze rosette.

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The base of the blade is wrapped in silver very much akin to the tonkou found on many Chinese swords.

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The light blade is razor sharp and of a form typically seen further north towards Kachin regions.

However, despite this appearance the Pata has retained and further developed a wonderful old patina throughout.

The pierced and chiselled gantlet remains in exceptional condition for its age.

Its surfaces display mythical creatures that appear to be Yali, vine tendrils and floral motifs.

The blade is a fine stiff type with decent flex for the dimensions.The faces of the blade display some very unusual pattern welded surfaces with pamor like qualities to the left face. A good and very unusual farm implement that later turned votive item and weapon. This silver hilted Klewang measures 49cms long and is 8.5cms wide across the tip of the blade.The silver hilt is expertly chassed throughout and displays several different native motifs.The scabbard displays very fine and decorative twisted wire motifs to the border of the silver dress, whilst all other applied silver wire decorations the the hilt and scabbard are extremely fine and expertly crafted with the utmost precision.