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26-Apr-2017 06:14

Hatch also said how the only country similar to the United States in its pledge of loyalty to a country and a flag was Nazi Germany, which was led by "religious tyrant" Adolph Hitler."This is the first time in Utah history that an atheist gave the opening prayer," Hatch said.

"We allowed them to make two statements," said Syracuse City Councilman Jon Jepperson. The other more pronounced statement was not to stand during the pledge of allegiance." Utah Atheists are currently scheduled to open the Clearfield council meeting on Jan. To allow Utah cities to continue opening council meetings with prayer, many city attorneys recommended communities have invocations or devotions on a volunteer basis.The two pertinent clauses in the invocation policy are listed below: 1.An invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag will be given at the beginning of each regular Council meeting by a resident of Clearfield City. The City recorder is hereby assigned to coordinate the invocation on a non-discriminatory basis. If no one signs up to give the invocation by the Wednesday before the City Council meeting, or if the person who has requested to provide the invocation does not show up at the meeting in time to offer the invocation, then a member of the City Council will be assigned to give the invocation and lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Those selected shall offer invocations that are non-proselytizing and shall not degrade any person because of religion, race, ethnic background, natural origin, sex gender or philosophy and shall not be crude, vulgar or offensive to the public sense of decency.1.Layton Assistant City Attorney Steve Garside said that if public prayer is allowed by any religious denomination to be part of an opening ceremony, then cities need to afford the same opportunity to all groups.

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"In Layton, it has been a positive thing," Garside said of the volunteer prayer policy the city adopted in April.

The disclosure came moments before the city's first council meeting of the year.

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