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Learning situation Small training groups Instruction is given by specialist teachers within intensive schedule.

Small training groups with 5 to 10 participants facilitate close contact between students and teachers.

With more than 12.500 graduates including participants from 115 Asian, Arab, Middle and South American as well as African countries, Hauchler Studio plays an important role as a pacesetter in vocational basic and advanced training.

Using a pragmatic and intense approach the courses aim to provide its participants the exposure to current best-practices and effective us of technology as well as quality assurance and overall plant management.

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Besides, individual company seminars or specific courses in Offset Printing, Publishing Operating or Printing Management can be organized upon request.

Pragmatic studies with state-of-the-art-technology Oriented towards the technological development in print and media, the school offers the program Print International conducted in English to meet the demand of training for foreign students or companies.