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His kidnappers made it clear that his mother was the real target.Martinez suspects she was singled out for her activism, especially her work supporting a victim of domestic violence in bringing down her abuser, an MS-13 member.One side of the woman's face is covered in blood and the men with her say she has been thrown from a bus by gang members. The Comandos bandage the woman and Mimi cleans the boy. It's a Catch 22 — one that so many girls in El Salvador find themselves in. I don't have to let these things happen to me."Pretty soon, it's time for the girl to go.Then she puts them both into an ambulance that will take them to the hospital. She says if she helps people like this, maybe someday someone will help her, too. Her grandpa is here to pick her up and take her home.She added that closed doors for seeking asylum in the US likely won't stop people from fleeing, but will instead push them to do so without documents.In 2016, the most recent data available, the United States granted asylum to at least 2,150 Salvadorans (pdf).Before people fleeing violence resort to making the perilous journey north to the United States, many are first forced to relocate within El Salvador in an internal displacement crisis the United Nations has dubbed a "hidden tragedy".

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Her son managed to get out alive, and the family immediately fled their home, leaving everything behind.

Martinez is one of 220,000 Salvadorans uprooted in 2016 and 296,000 in 2017 by generalised violence linked to a more than two-decade-old gang war and 15 years of the government's "iron fist" crackdown on violent crime.

About 93 percent of displaced people surveyed by Crisotsal believed leaving the country would resolve their displacement problems.

"In the face of a lack of alternatives internally not only at the national but also the regional level, the only option people seek is to migrate," Cristosal representative Rina Monti tells Al Jazeera.

San Salvador - Ana Martinez* sometimes cries of happiness and torment at the same time, relieved to be alive, but exhausted from living in fear.