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Ralphus, A Canadian, Howie, Gog: Thank you for your kind words on my review. Anyway, I see that folks here are still talking about Luna.

I personally like women who like having this stuff done to them -- whose minds are just as perverted as mine. But most of Blakemore’s stuff is definitely non-consensual, and if you want to see a woman really being put upon, there’s First time loading a vimeo video. Here she is in action in a trailer from Buzzsaw Butchers 2 [] Thanks to Arcas, Mad Bob and Kelderek for posting their recent 3D renders.

Ross, though, was able to fend her off thanks to the tape over April's mouth, disabling her to draw any attention to her predicament. I wish I knew who created it, because it is quite impressive. The "Inquisicion" rack scene is one of the better mainstream rack scenes with full nudity.

Ross gave his word to April that he'd not be out for long before turning on some rock music to cover any possible noise April might be making. Mad Bob wrote: I can confirm that I've never done a torture wheel render, so the pic you were talking about is not mine. When she's stretched and her back is arched, its because the wheel is starting to lift her up.

Chaos ensued on Ross' journey, and ASAP turned to be the next day, meaning he left April tied naked to a bed for at least 2 days. She would be terrified of that part because it appears she's been completely suspended a few times already and knows what's coming.

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The whole GIMP scene by Chloe Hunter is incredibly nice to watch. Or, the other way to "clothe" the naughty bits is to show them from a distance in the background of the scene (and/or with poor resolution) such as this scene from the Mexican film "Nuevo Mundo" which is super-hard to find anywhere.Ross, not thinking straight thanks to constant meth, opted to have April wait for him.Promising to be back ASAP, Ross kept the cuffs on and put some tapes on April's mouth and eyes: All the noises from April trying to fight back drew the attention of Ross' next door landlord, who knocked on Ross' door.Also, if you're worried about pic host space, you may want to try the Pimp & Host site that I'm using for the below GIFS. They give her the safe-word of "Rumplestiltskin", and proceed to cuff her and let her go when she gives the safe-word.