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12-Mar-2017 13:09

In the last few weeks, e Harmony has launched a personal matching feature called eh that Langston says will combine the company's huge database with a real-live matchmaker — for 00 a pop.With about 2,000 dating services to choose from in North America and millions of users engaging in them, tales of searching digitally for a successful match — for life, or perhaps just for the night — are now so common they've become an intimate part of the way we live.When it comes to finding love, "there's a lid for every pot," as the saying goes.

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Emerging sites appealing to them include The biggest players also are adding cross-over lines of business.

they like the idea and they join up," Darling said.

"It tells me that, though [the online dating industry] may be saturated there still is opportunity."In Canada, online and mobile dating revenue is approximately 2.7 million, just a fraction of what it is in the U. To put that size in context, estimated Canadian revenue for Netflix was 7.8 million in 2016, according to the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project.

Match Group, the largest company by market share in both Canada and the U.

S., has been buying up smaller dating services for years.Still, its well-known brands have been part of the Canadian landscape for years. Chris Bennett worked in downtown Toronto, but he used to live outside of the city.He says that, without Tinder, he may not have met his fiance when he was using the app two years ago."We're getting married July 20th," says Bennett.Disapproval has gotten especially rare among now spend more time on dating apps than they do on the sites themselves.