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17-Apr-2017 17:57

After all, people travel to foreign destinations either to find themselves or to be somebody else for a while, both of which can bring out our adventurous sides.So, I asked people to tell me about their juiciest vacation hookups, and their stories did not disappoint.I snuck out of his hotel and headed downstairs to get the keys from the valet around a.m.

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"Last year, I went on vacation with my parents in Hawaii. I matched [on Tinder] with an absolute hottie who was visiting Maui for the holidays, just like me.He was also from California, and it turned out he was a drummer and music producer who was in town playing a concert. so we decided to meet up later that night for a drink. I snuck the keys to my parents' rental car that night and left to meet up with him.As it turns out, the bar had already closed, so we ended up just hanging out in his hotel room. Lucky for me, he wasn't the murdering type, so we shared a couple cocktails in his room.As it turns out, we both had such a great time that he invited me back the next night — and this time, the valet took great care not to lose my keys.""After a bad breakup I decided to take an impromptu vacation at a resort in the Dominican Republic with one of my best friends.