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Moreover, their students use the Internet for multiple purposes, including writing a blog, chatting, socializing and searching for friends (Molin et al., 2015).They use it also for finding information, listening to music and watching videos.

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For example, paired with university students, adults with ID learned to create their own blog (Mc Climens & Gordon, 2009), or to share photos and comments on Flickr (Kydland, Molka-Danielsen, & Balandin, 2012).Results show that all participants enjoyed using the Internet for communicating (e.g.Facebook, email, chatrooms, dating sites) or entertainment (e.g. Three male subjects played games online, and only participants with ASD (without ID) created content (e.g. All interviewees with ID and two of the three with ASD had distressing experiences including: being insulted online, having false rumors spread, receiving threats or being targets of sexual cyber-solicitation.It is estimated that three billion citizens worldwide use the Internet and that one third of the earth’s inhabitants will be using smartphones by the year 2017 (Internet World Stats, 2016).

Jul 20, 2016. The prevalence of both physical and sexual dating violence has. young adults consider physical TDV to be horseplay, roughhousing or joking.… continue reading »

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Serious dating violence, defined as physical and/or sexual assault in the. of dating violence in adulthood, it is expected that adolescent and adult dating.… continue reading »

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