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East Mediterranean and North African Affairs Section 5. Introduction to the Organization and Responsibilities of the Association of East Asia Relations1) The organization has 13 directors who elect one chairman, and 5 supervisors who elect one General Supervisor.2) The organization has a Secretary General who is responsible for daily operations. In 1979, a branch of the Tokyo Office was also set up in Yokohama, Naha and Sapporo. These two agencies have functioned as the channel of negotiation and coordination between the two countries. While the Japanese formed the Interchange Association (ICA), a corporate institute under Japanese law, the Republic of China created the Association of East Asian Relations (AEAR), which is the charter approved by the Ministry of the Interior as ICA`s counterpart to maintain substantive relations.The changes in the international environment have been in the areas of demography; innovation; new media and social networks; environment (climate change); high demand for scarce resources; and changing nature of conflicts and insecurity.These changes provide Uganda with challenges and opportunities.

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The institute is composed of three sections as follows: the Educational Affairs Section is responsible for planning and conducting the training courses, the Discipline and Training Section promotes public diplomacy and international exchange activities, and the General Affairs Section is responsible for managing the building facilities.

The framework also makes proposals including; financing foreign policy, enactment of a Foreign Policy Act.

It also proposes new structure of Mo FA, International Political and Economic Coordination Mechanisms of Foreign Policy.

The United States government set up the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT/T) as CCNAA’s counterpart and has a Representative Office in Taiwan (AIT/T).

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Arranging and scheduling the weekly meetings of the Minister, Vice Ministers and Director Generals, distribution of related meeting minutes, resolutions and decisions, and organization of follow-up meetings. Coordination of communication between the Ministry and the Presidential Office, the Executive Yuan, and other government agencies. Execution of special assignments for the Minister and Vice Ministers, and communication of assignment-related directives to relevant departments. The Coordination Council for North American Affairs (CCNAA) was set up in 1979 in accordance with the administrative decree by the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China in 1979. --- Legal Unit: The Unit is responsible for formulating, interpreting and reviewing laws and regulations concerning consular affairs and other legal matters. --- Information Management Unit: The Unit is responsible for the planning,establishment and management of computers and information technology system. The major function of this Unit is to conduct public relations affairs with the Legislative Yuan and the Control Yuan, and to handle matters of the congressional members’ concern. Economy Section (Department)1) Dealing with matters relating to the study of economic and trading affairs of Japan.2) Communicating and liaising with the Japan`s ICA on economic affairs.3) Contacting government`s departments on above-said economic matters.4) Assisting in hosting official visitors from Japan.