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07-Jun-2017 15:19

It is in the context of the growth of attention to the non-human that this work is situated.Through a case study of the dating app, Ashley Madison, and a focus upon the positioning and activity of its bots, I interrogate the operation of speculative devices as a consideration in a digitally networked context.Speculative design is concerned with deploying artefacts, probes and prototypes that have oblique and ambiguous functions in order to allow designers and users to open up what is at stake in particular events (Auger, 2013; Dunne and Raby, 2013).This approach has been positioned as a way to engage with design to generate alternative visions of being, inspire, and encourage people’s imaginations to flow freely (Dunne and Raby, 2013).I also discuss how non-humans have always been implicated in dating and hooking up and that although dating apps have risen to prominence since the announcement of Web 2.0, the role of the Internet in this aspect of life has a much longer history.

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Speculating with non-humans Human agency is a feature of Web 2.0.These are disclosive ethics and actor-network theory.Together these ways of thinking ask us to consider the links between ethics and digital media, and how we might think of the non-human as having the ability to act with us.I argue we need to give careful thought to how our research and practice is understood, and conducted where speculative devices are concerned.