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Pop is Doremi's younger sister and tends to be rather snarky about Doremi's tendencies.She secretly admires her, but she is more responsible and more serious than Doremi. She became an Apprentice when Majo Rika, out of desperation to get away from her to help the Ojamajos against Majo Ruka, stopped pretending to be a plush doll and fled.

Majo Rika made her an apprentice so as to, once again, keep the secret.

Aiko became an apprentice when she and Hazuki followed Doremi to the shop after Doremi's spell backfired.

There, she and Hazuki learned that Doremi was a Witch Apprentice and that they, in order to keep the secret, would have to become Apprentices, too.

Doremi Harukaze is the titular girl and main protagonist of the series.

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She has a good nature, but she is clumsy and chronically unlucky.She causes trouble for the girls, either deliberately or as collateral damage from wanting to get away from her own troubles.She became an apprentice when she caught and called Majo Ruka a witch, resulting in her being cursed.Later, Momoko arrived to aid them on their third attempt at becoming Witches.