Alex ebert and jade castrinos dating

28-Mar-2017 22:46

In their statement, they revealed that she “quit” after being asked to “take off from one tour.” Apparently Castrinos refused to take the band’s offer and parted ways with the band.

This drama has not stopped the band from playing at festivals or headlining tours on their own.

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Much of it sounds like Ebert is simply reciting a poem he wrote over the sound of his band mates just playing what feels right.The connection between the band and their seemed fans superficial in the past, now it seems they are finally letting people create real ties to them and their music.In short, they are no longer hiding behind the gimmick-like “all you need is love” motif of sunflowers, flower crowns and long beards.This newfound cooperative approach is evident in every way down to the band’s new image.