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A guitar maker told me he could fix it no problem but at that time I didn't want to put any money in it. Or would i be better paying for a matin Hi there - I own a K. if it is correct and in excellent shape that would work for me. I rather a text or call than email except for photos, info, transaction etc.. Thanks, Lisa I have a 1981 signed K.yairi ar353 but someone broke it and it was the best guitar I have ever owned and I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could get another one or if you have any info on it I would be very appreciative thanks.

I thought I might sell it now because it's rarely played anymore, depending on what I can get for it. I have an Alvarez Yari Dy- 72 Signature Series 12 string 1991. Yairi classical guitar with a rectangular label inside the sound hole. I live in Denmark so the numbers may be especially European? Need more info., photos, description, condition, #??? My email is, [email protected] check email periodically but will be near my phone. I just traded a 5e3 clone for this Alvarez by Kazou Yariri DY38-12, serial number - 40637, the label says 1989. It appears to be all solid wood - tightly grained spruce top, mahogony back and sides, ebony fretboard, Brazilian rosewood bridge, black lacquer with mother of pearl "A - V" logo headstock.

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Regards, Rick Hi, I have a 1981 Yairi DY52 that my lab knocked over with his big happy tail. Alvarez's are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee for the original owner - I told them I was. I am in Australia but unabe to find out any info about this model and date stamp. Not sure what a YC-40 is, but Most used Yairi classical guitars here in the US are selling for 0. This would be for a guitar in good condition with no cracks or major flaws, and most would come with a case at that price. Obviously this is a popular serial, especially considering the passing of Yairi, I would think his signature merely adds to the value now. I HAVE A GREAT DY50 great condition WANT TO TRADE IT OR SELL THERES ALOT OF IDEAS ABOUT HOW MUCH ITS WORTH MAKE ME A OFFER OR TRADE MUST MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER GEAR REACH ME AT [email protected] I could be ready to buy this item immediately if it is what I'm looking for and of course, can pay your price.

Anyone interested in looking at it around the Columbus Ohio area? It is in excellent condition except for a small crack in the headstock that I've never been too concerned with because its been there now for 25 years (it sort of got sat by my young daughter while on the sofa). I am in Northern CA just moved back from WA so I haven't changed my # yet. (seller knew nothing) I just loved the look of the wood, sound, action, condition,etc.

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