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25-Jul-2017 17:21

The Secret Keeper can be family, though it's very uncommon for them to be parents.It may require a Secret Relationship, if public knowledge of the relationship is a danger to the secret.I would have to say, this movie is very close to #3. There's no real big twist, a few lessons to be taken form it, but they all have been done before.The movie isn't a great movie, but it has no delusions on what it is. You can pretty much tell what's going to happen at the end within the first 15 minutes. The goofy, virgin lead guy who's trying to get some tail is played wonderfully by Josh Zuckerman.With the plot of a guy driving cross state just to get some ass, there's not a lot of directions you can go with it. But the story isn't really the important thing here, so no real points taken off for that. Pulls it off flawlessly with all the awkwardness and uncertainty that the character would have.Amanda Crew is also really good at the "BFF" of Josh's character.

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Your hero has a dirty little secret that is central to the character and the show's main plot.

"From the preview, I thought it could have gone one of three ways: 1.