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In addition to that a BMT Micro link will be available soon, which offers discrete purchase as well as external high speed download links. I personally had a ball reading and seeing some of the entries.

Our main priority is to get things up and running and functioning asap. And also on a much lighter and sexier note, I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the Girlfriends 4 Ever journey thus far, the free bonus content and what’s in store for us next! It’s always eye opening and captivating to learn of your interpretation of Tara and Sayako, their characteristics and story.

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I remember the night of the release of the trailer clearly.My top pick will start featuring underneath the store logo over the next days 😀 Honorable mention MJG101’s excited 3DX: Is your body ready?Fanart: Loved the effort spent in creating these my top three were yaminoshi ‘ excellent color work https:// , Renezuo’s intimate kiss and fuck scene and Blank Page’s stellar cock work Also a bit scary considering the fact that I had no idea what the reception would be.