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23-Apr-2017 05:14

The girls were American actresses, models, and actress/models who teetered in high heels and chittered amongst themselves with uptalking glee every time Matthew Hicks mumbled into the room.As inane as that premise for a reality show is, its ridiculousness becomes even more apparent when the central bachelor has a personality like a piece of wet cardboard.He’s been road tripping in New Zealand in a van, he told EW via email. Reality show couples under the best circumstance are tenuous: couples that are supposed to declare their love for each other have only dated for about a month, in highly staged scenarios, simultaneously with a dozen other women.Hicks had the added hurdle of not being able to tell these women anything about himself, and also maintaining his role in an accessory to an implausible group gaslight attempt.

One contestant stumbled on a photoshopped photograph of Hicks with his “brother” Prince William.

In the three years since was born into existence, Prince Harry has distanced himself from his playboy reputation, a transformation completed and crowned with his glossy engagement to Meghan Markle, the American actress and humanitarian with cool-girl-next-door poise and perfect hair.

Matthew Hicks hasn’t tweeted since 2015, but his Instagram is filled with pictures of mountains and blue skies. Hicks and Birch kept in touch after the show but never continued a romantic relationship.

But ridiculous as it was — and it was ridiculous — the show was attempting to tap into something real: the American fixation on English royalty and a fantasy of a fairytale romance.

There’s an entire genre of films, most on Hallmark or Lifetime, about girls falling in love with royals from imaginary foreign countries.“They flew us out there and put us up in a hotel a week before we started filming.They locked us each in our own separate rooms, where we had no TV, no cell phones, no books, and absolutely nothing to do for a full week.” It’s as if producers knew that in order to engineer their hoax with any chance of success, these girls would need to be overtired and isolated, completely enveloped in a pocket-universe in which alcohol is unlimited and Prince Harry looks a little different than you remember him. But was the plan to release all of this stuff in March and April?

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