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•If her channel happens to come back, do not directly link her videos to the thread.•Do not post about Kati's family or exes or try to contact them.Continued attacks on the Hall family in a build up to a full on shitshow storming of the super chat channels to dump everything.Including the fact that it was the attorney Tim Conlon that acted as “Joy”'s inside source in the court house (lolcow called that one back in June)“Joy” has realized that her “good name” might be ruined and thinks changing her name will be the solution.

It's hilarious that Kati is openly admitting that all he did was Google searches. what she did with repzion is take the onus off her (the onus of proving her claim) and put it on him (be at this place at this time! but he has no attachment to the diagnosis bring proven. "ok, take care"whatever happened to people questioning her "being ok" and "letting them"? Kati is still claiming all her health issues started with copper toxicity from an IUD.Sidekick Cy seems to have been replaced by Hentia Butt Plug also known as Cuckthulu who is a complete sperg, but more than happy to parade his couch potato around the super chat channel.(And, who managed to face plant on the Tommy C show in spectacular fashion while trying to white knight for his Lady of the Couch)In her rounds of the Tampon Tribe Period Blood Sports circuit, “Joy” published google drive with all her evidence…just had a scroll of her twitter and hooooly shit, she is on one hell of a tirade.