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I've been told that the two main signs you're bilingual are if you dream in French and count in French.

By the end of my two-year stay, I was dreaming and counting in French.

So there I was, Amy Cameron, at the boulangerie, having a long, impassioned conversation with the boulanger, or baker.

I explained to him that Canadian bread is not as good as French bread - the flavour isn't as delicate, as natural, or as delicious. The only thing the boulanger had understood was the word "préservatifs." Here's why: When I couldn't think of the right word in French, I'd say the word in English, but with a French accent.

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French continues to be a passport to everywhere; I would never have had the opportunity to be here with you all today if I weren't bilingual. and even if you're not really interested, try to continue to speak, practise, and learn French.

For example, I have an Acadian friend who is a lawyer and completely bilingual - her father is Francophone and her mother is Anglophone.