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A major stumbling block has been the difficulty in defining the ancient Greek attitude to art.

Certainly it is clear that there was no concept of “).

Great works of art were functional: they served as gifts to the gods, monuments to the dead, or commemorations of events in the life of a city.

The Greek language itself made no distinction between art and craft: both were called ).

The simple precision of their patterns is a quality that remained dominant in Greek vase painting as well as in the other arts.

The meander, swastika, and crenellation (battlement) patterns were prominent and, together with the older concentric circles, were used by the painters to push back the large areas of solid black characteristic of Protogeometric vases and to create a pleasing halftone decorative effect.The small, scattered settlements that took the place of the great Mycenaean and Minoan kingdoms were not able to support the luxury arts that had flourished in the Bronze Age palaces.No wall paintings are known from this period, and the sophisticated Bronze Age Protogeometric.the great palatial centres of the Aegean world came to a violent end.