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Dance is now becoming so popular that these people can be recognized by their first names only, which is something that Randall is thankful for and excited about. Toni and Tasi struggle to maintain their own lives outside of their mother’s guilt and power trips, and Toni, especially, has a difficult time keeping a secret about her life.

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His daughter was not only dating her parent's coach's son, but her mother's ex-boyfriend's son.Randall and her writing partner Jennifer Bechdel aimed to make a queer-friendly and family-friendly film about lesbian ballroom dancing, and that’s just what they have done."The script came first, but as a choreographer and a screenwriter, I think in terms of the visual and the movement and believe in the small dances of every day life," Randall said."Dance has the ability to literally move people out of their comfort zones and into new places of thinking and feeling.Mona is out and proud, and not willing to be pushed to the side or pretend to be a friend.