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Your nested sub screens might not inherit the theme or show up the action bar (this depends upon the theme).Here are some threads that might help you get to know more about and solve this problem: The proposed solutions are hacks to get around the bugs, like creating new Activities with Intents for every sub changing preferences that’ll make the app behave differently because of various contexts you set like your name, profile pic, gender, birth date, etc.This is called when a Preference is being constructed from an XML file, supplying attributes that were specified in the XML file.

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In API 25 and earlier, this value is read as a plain string with styling information stripped.If the other Preference is not set or is off, this Preference will be disabled.May be a string value, using '\;' to escape characters such as '\n' or '\uxxxx' for a unicode character; Whether the Preference is enabled. When used inside of a modern Preference Activity, this declares a new Preference Fragment to be shown when the user selects this item.If you override this method you Called when a Preference is being inflated and the default value attribute needs to be read.

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Since different Preference types have different value types, the subclass should get and return the default value which will be its value type.By default, preference icon view visibility will be set to GONE when there is no icon provided, so the default value of this attribute is false. This should rarely need to be changed, look at widget Layout instead.Whether to use single line for the preference title text. In API 25 and earlier, this value is read as a plain string with styling information stripped.Make sure to call through to the superclass implementation.