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The first of these is to a Press Conference website titled, "10 Paths for the Pilgrimage of Young People to the Shroud." Below is an online English language translation of the page.For more details, read the article (in Italian) at the above links.Here is the Update Table of Contents: The above (never-before published) photograph was taken at the press conference held on Saturday, October 14, 1978, the morning after STURP ended their historic scientific examination of the Shroud and the day the cloth was returned to its reliquary.I think the expressions on everyone's faces indicate there was a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment amongst all those involved. Luigi Gonella was the Scientific Advisor to the Archbishop of Turin in 1978 and still held that position ten years later, during the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud.

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In fact, that is the longest we have ever gone without an update in our 22 year history.You can use an online translation service to translate the page into your native language.The Sign of the Paths of Young People: the Meaning and the Reasons There will be ten paths of the pilgrimage of young Piedmontese people in front of the Shroud for the extraordinary veneration of the Sheet, the night of August 10th.Our major computer crash in January was immediately followed by the busiest travel and lecture schedule I have had in years.