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In the Reading Room (please email [email protected] to attend). These are hosted on: Monday’s at 1pm Tuesday’s at 1pm Thursday’s at pm Please email [email protected] to get the Skype details and the online group you would like to attend.If you are an organisation/person that would like to start a So SAA group in your area then please get in contact with us. So SAA participants do not have to pay to attend but what we do ask is a small donation to help pay for venue costs, refreshments and materials. So SAA groups are a place that survivors of sexual abuse can come and share in a safe space the emotional, physical or pschological consequences of being sexually abused. As long as you are over 18 and a victim of sexual abuse you can go along to the group that is best suited to you. When starting So SAA we wanted to have a programme that survivors could access for life.

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Our ambition is to make So SAA groups available to everyone in the UK impacted by sexual abuse.Both men and women can be victims of this crime, either by being blackmailed or by being coerced into carrying out sexual acts.The best way to stop yourself from becoming a victim is to be very careful about who you befriend with online, especially if you’re considering sharing anything intimate with them.Can I come to So SAA if I am receiving counselling? Participants who attend So SAA will get out of it as much as they choose to put into it. Participants are not forced to do anything that they do not wish to do.

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Some participants will come and just listen to others for a few weeks until they feel ready to share. You do not have to commit to attending each week, but to see transformations made you need to complete the whole 12-step programme before you dip in and out.

This suggests a total adult survivor population numbering many millions.