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[ Yig 80, 81, 83, 91; Mound 97] In the autumn, Yig becomes unusually ravenous, and has to be driven away by means of suitable rites.

Then the Indians conduct orgies in lonely places, with the ceaseless beating of tom-toms.

The Old Ones regarded Yig as the principle of life symbolized as the Father of all Serpents; their cryptic shrines to Yig were lavish and remarkable [136], surrounded by embowering groves [144].

Among the Old Ones, days were of variable length, and said to be timed by the tail-beats of Yig [137].

[Dunwich 170] The , Yog-Sothoth is shown to have the other attributes that Alhazred attributes to the Old Ones: invisible, foul-smelling, and given to begetting offspring on humanity.

His two offspring spawned on Lavinia Whateley were the twins, Wilbur Whateley and his unnamed older brother.

The cylinder containing Zamacona's memoir had a carving of a semi-anthromorphic serpent, which the Mound narrator identified as a prototype of the Yig, Quetzalcoatal, and Kukulcan conceptions [115].Yig was one of the principal deities worshipped among the Old Ones of K'n-yan, beneath the mound outside Binger, Oklahoma.Grey Eagle said that Yig, big father of snakes, is there at the mound outside Binger [Mound 103].Following her traumatic encounter with the snakes, Audrey went insane.