Antique furniture periods and dating dating korat

15-Feb-2017 06:02

Beneath the writing surface there is usually a single drawer, often neatly fitted for toiletries or writing supplies.Early examples were raised on slender cabriole legs; under the influence of neoclassicism, examples made after about 1775 had straight, tapering legs.Parcel-gilt (partial gilt) objects are only gilded over part of their surfaces.

The architectural fanned back rest is typical of the style of the period.They feature a solid hardwood seat, allowing for it to be easily cleaned.Hall chairs are not to be confused with porter’s chairs of the same period, which were designed with a cocoon like back to exclude draughts.They had a wide range of clients, from aristocracy to the merchant classes.

All designs were practical and of the best materials, and above all was the quality of design craftsmanship: two hundred years later drawers still glide in and out smoothly. 1850 and stamped “Gillows”, is a fine example of this first class craftsmanship.

The gilder’s tip is made of fine brush hair and is used for moving the gold leaf: the tip is rubbed against the face or hair to produce static, which is then used to lift the delicate leaf onto the cushion for cutting. Gesso is composed of fine plaster of Paris and animal glue size – traditionally made from rabbit skin.

Furniture period styles pictures Dutch Designs The Queen Anne Style. Queen Anne. Dating Furniture Designs from AW Antiques and Collectibles. Find this.… continue reading »

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Jul 11, 2017. Popular British furniture movements and their approximate date ranges. Furniture of the period was decorated with floral marquetry, walnut, and. Left William and Mary Burl Walnut Chest, 17th century at M. S. Rau Antiques.… continue reading »

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