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28-Mar-2017 04:27

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The Armenian bole, the final layer, gives a richness to the gold: it resembles reddish clay – due to the presence of iron oxide – and is again mixed with size.The surface is burnished with an agate burnisher to an almost mirror finish.They feature a solid hardwood seat, allowing for it to be easily cleaned.Hall chairs are not to be confused with porter’s chairs of the same period, which were designed with a cocoon like back to exclude draughts.Please click here for further info on these chairs…

The use of gilding dates back to Egyptian times, and has always been valued for its beauty, its highly skilled techniques and opportunity to display wealth.This pair of Regency mahogany hall chairs are in very good original condition.The architectural fanned back rest is typical of the style of the period.A bonheur du jour (in French, bonheur-du-jour, meaning “daytime delight”) is a type of lady’s writing desk.