Application screen updating dating daan pampanga

28-Aug-2017 02:52

Thus, the main body of your macro can do its work behind the scenes without the necessity of stopping to update the screen.

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Slicer Caches("Slicer_Monat1") Set sc9 = This Workbook.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Monat") Set sc8 = This Workbook.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Jahr1") Set sc3 = This Workbook.

Description Resume clean_up End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Pivot Table Update(By Val Target As Pivot Table)Dim sc1 As Slicer Cache, sc2 As Slicer Cache, sc3 As Slicer Cache, sc4 As Slicer Cache, sc5 As Slicer Cache, sc6 As Slicer Cache, sc7 As Slicer Cache, sc8 As Slicer Cache, sc9 As Slicer Cache Dim si1 As Slicer Item, si3 As Slicer Item, si5 As Slicer Item, si7 As Slicer Item Set sc1 = This Workbook.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Monat1") Set sc9 = This Workbook.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Solution") Call TU_Start sc2.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Quarter") Set sc6 = This Workbook.

Slicer Caches("Slicer_Quarter1") Set sc7 = This Workbook.