Are minho and yuri dating

26-Feb-2017 21:49

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minho held taemin’s hand and said, “promise to never let go.” “i promise!

minho’s scent made taemin send shivers down his spine. he noticed all the shocked faces in the room, “this is embarrassing,” taemin mumbled.

“young master, i suggest that you bathe first,” kibum told the dancer. taemin couldn’t stop thinking about this choi minho guy. everybody told him the same thing: they were the best of friends.

the dancer nodded and dragged himself to the bathroom. he slowly took off his smelly and sticky clothes and dropped then on the floor.

his heart pounded against his chest, sweat dripped from his nose and chin, face flushed, his clothes sticking to his body, he panted as he swayed left to right with smooth and quicken steps. the music stopped, the dancer turned around to see who stopped the music. “you’ve been at this for hours since you told your father that you were going to stop.” the auburn haired boy tried to reply with ‘oh, i didn’t realize i was dancing for a long time.’ he was out of breath, he couldn’t say anything and nodded in acknowledgement. he patted off all the sweat with a towel the butler gave to him. taesun looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “you seriously don’t remember him? you guys did everything together.” he smiled, “i guess his hyung and i would always be together, too.” “what happened? taemin thought it was pointless asking elderly people. one, he is a great man with great concepts and understanding.

the butler carried a tray with a cup of water and a face towel. the dancer smiled at the butler and managed a “thank you butler kibum.” the dancer was exhausted he could barely walk. when they got to the room, the dancer plopped onto his bed. ” taesun sighed, “well, after our mother’s funeral, our families stopped contacting each other…” silence filled the air. instead of using all his energy to dance, he used most of it to find information about him. taemin asked elderly people that worked in his mansion trying to find out information about minho. taemin asked kibum if he could help find information on minho. they both went out to town to get the slightest info on him.

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“butler jonghyun, is everything prepared for tonight? there were many good-looking people in beautiful dresses and tuxedos. sure, taemin had been to many balls before but this was beyond amazing. taemin’s stomach knotted up, he had a hard time breathing, his hands were shaking, palms sweating. “i’m actually excited.” when they entered the ball room, taemin eyes widen. one of the dark haired girls wore a lavender ball dress while the other dark haired wore an orchid ball dress. these are my fellow friends, jessica,” the blonde hair girl gave taemin a gentle smile.

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jessica started, “well, yuri is going to get–” the lights dimmed.

both of them watched minho while he gets surrounded by people. taemin noticed that the brown to blonde tip butler said something minho. taemin felt his heart beat pump faster and he heard his heart beat in his ears.

Choi Minho is a South Korean idol singer, rapper, dancer, actor, model, lyricist, promotional model, MC, and radio host. He is a member of South Korean boy group SHINee under the label of SM Entertainment, as the main rapper, sub-vocalist, visual, and face.… continue reading »

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Choi minho and yuri dating - AsianFanfics. Spazz about MinYul 24 hours without bashing anyone^^. Choi Minho yurk, they look good together in the drama To the beautiful you but I hope that Minho and Yuri will be given a chance to be paired up in a drama.… continue reading »

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Girls' Generation's Yuri is in a relationship! Sunday News has just revealed that Yuri is dating Hanshin Tigers' Oh Seung Hwan. On March 6th, Girls' Generation finished recording their Japanese songs and came back to Korea.… continue reading »

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