Are shane dawson and brittani taylor dating online dating headlines list

23-Feb-2017 17:46

After pa...rtying all night, they arrive home and start hooking up right away.

Check out Brittani Louise Taylor who has 470,897 You Tube subscribers and is the 44th most subbed youtuber answering some questions about herself and her channel on You Tube.

His real second name isn't Dawson, he used that as a catchy You Tube name- he adapted it from Jack Dawson from Titanic, which his is a big fan of. Deezy, Mom, Emo Brother, Emo Boyfriend and Girlfriend (played by Brittani Louise Taylor, also a famous You Tuber and a good friend of Shane's) and their Emo Baby, Aunt Hilda, Dawson's Creek characters, Miley Cyrus and people associated with her, and several more.

He is also an animal lover and owns two cats - Muffins and Snoop - and three dogs - a corgi called Miley, a corgi called Chocolate (the most recent edition to his pet family- Chocolate has only appeared in a few videos) and a golden retriever called Charlie.

You Tube star who gained fame as the writer and subject of the internet series Shane Dawson TV.

He was named the 25th most-famous web celebrity by Forbes in 2010.

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Before most people though he was dating Brittani Louise Taylor; but she is dating Joey Anderton. He used to be very overweight, something he talks about in many of his videos.

In case you don't follow Shane, I'll put a link to his main channel after the video.

Shane Dawson, one of the early YouTube stars, has continued to rack up subscribers and views, despite some controversy. What are his plans for 2016?… continue reading »

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Who watches shane dawson or brittani louise taylor. Shane Dawson is my favorite. I've seen a few of his videos with Brittani in them.… continue reading »

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Web series, web shows, web news, community video, online video, online originals, ARG, transmedia, alternate reality games, web television, web tv, indie TV, indie.… continue reading »

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Why won't you believe me! Shane. Shane and Lisa are dating right now. Shane doesn't know that Lisa is a slut. Shane Dawson Lisa Schwartz Brittani Taylor… continue reading »

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First Name Shane #1. About. YouTube star who gained fame as the writer and subject of the internet series Shane Dawson TV. He began dating.… continue reading »

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