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If the any of the following packages are installed, you need to either remove them and add them back after the update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 or disassociate them from the constraints on the system (called 7071362 tcp_icmp_source_quench and other tunables may no longer be field modifiable 7181137 sol_umad should allow userland MAD operations in NGZs 7196540 After 7174929 integration 0.9.0 is shown for first disk in second RAID volume 7166132 vim should be able to run its test suite 7190213 libibmad and associated files need to be delivered in an NGZ 7191495 mkisofs install is incomplete 7195687 Update fetchmail to version 6.3.22 7195704 Problem with utility/fetchmail 7196234 Problem with network/dns 7197223 vim shows high CPU usage when editing dtrace script with syntax highlighting enabled Peter Dennis is a Principle Engineer within the Oracle Solaris Revenue Product Engineering team.

He has worked on a wide variety of technologies: file systems, volume management and backup, cluster, and general end-user utilities.

For customers who are on an Oracle support contract, the release process for Oracle Solaris 11 was changed to eliminate a hiatus on bug fix releases during the final pre-release stages of the next update to Oracle Solaris 11.

This helps to accelerate the release of critical customer bug fixes on the current released version of Oracle Solaris 11.

All the bug fixes supplied by the above SRUs are addressed in the initial Oracle Solaris 11.1 SRU. The update steps that are required might be different due to some systems running different SRU versions.

To find out what SRU is on a system, you can use the # pkg info entire Name: entire Summary: entire incorporation including Support Repository Update (Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 SRU 10.5).

The user profile and its parameters are set by the network-configuration tools.We imagine that the root cause of this problem will be discovered and fixed eventually, but for now, it's not worth the risk.Most users who have installed Oracle Solaris 11 without an Oracle support agreement will be using the Oracle Solaris Release Repository as their configured package repository, as shown below using the Updating to Oracle Solaris 11.1 is a multi-step process due to the requirement that certain system packages must be updated first in order to achieve a successful update for the rest of the system packages.Note: For systems that can't directly connect to Oracle's hosted package repositories it is necessary to download the Oracle Solaris 11.1 Pre-Upgrade Repository Image, which contains the packages that need to be updated prior to updating to Oracle Solaris 11.1.

The ISO image contains a README that describes the necessary steps for constructing the repository and updating to Oracle Solaris 11.1.

Some packages in SRU#12.4 and SRU#13.4 will have a version that is greater than those in the Oracle Solaris 11.1 release.

The system connects to the network using an access point. If you do not have a connection saved, select New Connection to create a connection. 4. Download the update data. When connected to the network, the system scans for the latest update data. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the update data and to start the… continue reading »

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Why Patch Management is Vital to Your Business Network Security Patch management systems enable you to maintain full control of your systems’ patching.… continue reading »

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