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Video data rates of up to 1.5 Gbps (including 1080i and 720p) can be delivered using only half 1080p bandwidth, literally 20mhz. The WHDI is backwards compatible with older high definition standards such as 720, or 1080i.Another promising feature of WHDI standard is feedback remote control.Anyone who owns this kit will free themselves from a wired mess.WHDI’s ability to deliver flawless uncompressed HD streams was a key ingredient and differentiator for this device.There is no line needed for high quality transmission.It provides not only the highest quality video but also supports Dolby Digital, DTS-HD. So this wirelesses HDMI transmitter&receiver kit functions well for home viewing and entertainment.But If you don’t locate any HDMI cable at the beginning of renovation, which is very normal for any house old than 10 years, you may need a 30 feet HDMI cable running across all your furniture to connect your Xbox 360 with the HD projector to experience HD gaming with your friends.That picture may be something you don’t want to imagine.

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Recently Amimon declares their next generation chip will support resolutions of up to 4Kx2K. This means with this tech will be adapted by countless future HD products.

WHDI transfers uncompressed HD video streams, and offers equivalent video data rates of up to 3Gbps (including 1080p:1080 x 1920 x 24 bits / pixel x 60 Hz = 2.985984000Gbps) using 40 MHz of bandwidth.