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As Wotan, in similar perplexities, consults The die is cast; even the sun must die in the west to rise again in greater glory in the east. Long strings of that their year is movable and ours fixed, these fire-crackers are hung from the But it is obviously improper to compare eaves of the house and lighted from the calendars on any other than the numeri- lower end. In a large and general way the people who say this are superficial, and they are mistaken, al- though in the matter of detail they may be perfectly right.

The Chaldaic canon explicitly declares the Kherubim male and female, but this is sufficiently suggested in the sense of contrast which is maintained throughout the entii'e series of life-tree guardians. The entire length is soon • The twenty-fourth day of the twelfth month (if ablaze, spluttering, crackling, and wrig- we except the twenty-fourth of the sixth) is about the gling like the ** fiery dragon " himself, ^^^y ^»y Chinese housewives are at liberty to "clean Any devil who can pass this cordon of "P/; although they do not go to extrem^^^ -•'.., . »,, J ancient Mexicans, who destroyed the entire furni- flame is thought very clever. It is very easy, at Digitized by Google 676 HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE. least not at all difficult, to mistake a change of customs for a change of people — a development of methods for a revolu- tion. There are more people there, and some of them belong to strange species, but the interest remains the same, the in- terest of a capital to people of leisure who are blessed with intellects that need some- thing that will add spice and agreeable flavor to their ceremonial functions.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. I want to borrow a hood pattern of Good wife Nourse on the way. There is little of interest in those who do not live up to their sovereignty — in the wo- men, for example, who stand against the walls at an afternoon reception at which the public is supposed to be welcome.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. If one is curious about them, they may be found at their desks the next morning, or at their boarding-house tables in the evening descanting on the social glories they have shared by going unbidden and unknown where any one can go, and by extorting, to the utter misery and often unseemly wrath of tired and overbur- dened women, return cards from the families of cabinet officers and Senators. How much insolence they are willing to endure for a pasteboard evidence of familiarity with greatness, the worthlessness of which is recognized by every other seeker after like testi- monials!

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. The consequence is that to-day she is more green and coquettish and attractive to all whose tastes are not vitiated by the artifices of a metropolis than New York has been in the last half -century. BY WILLIAM IL HAYNK 1 'THOUGH Death to Doubt's dim eyes must seem - Of radiant Love the strange extreme, Yet through God's universe the two are one — Shadow and light of Heaven's eternal Sun. THERE are entertainment, instruction, and inspiration in the heterogeneous display of the leaders of the republic and their wives and daughters; and there is no other country where all this is so amply true of tlie people whose busi- ness is *' getting on," who have not yet reached the resting - point where they may practise the art of living gracefully.Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. It would not do to say that the throngs that may be seen in Washington draw- ing-rooms every afternoon and every evening are not refined.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Nay, I can wait whilst you do the er- rand, if you are speedy. The most re- fined and delicate morality in the world is that of the American woman— of the woman who has never departed from American traditions, and who has not permitted French innuendo to stimulate her Anglo-Saxon nature.Now in the Yi- King the animal attributed to Khien, the Heaven or All-Father, is the Solar Horse; to Kwan, the Earth or All Mother, the Lunar Cow. Gidi^ubar, the ^ar hero, sinking slowly to his death t Kneath the dark winter clouds in the north, wanders vainly in seareli of the secret of immortality. This day is called in the calendar the day when the * ' spir- its are seen out,^^ and for obvious reasons. If a man of the set is in public life, either it is by accident, or he is a social acquisition for purposes of stim- ulating entertainment. Tlie day has gone by when life was dominated by the fii*st South- ern families, whose pride and aifeetions were shared between their genealogical importance and their old madeira.

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A cuneiform cylinder re- * It was by a very gradual process that these huge and massive peach-wood figures gave way to the little fluttering pieces of red paper now used to represent the "spirits of the door." *'0n New- Year's day," says King Chu, "the people make planks of peach- wood and fasten them to the door- way. He comes at last to Mount Masu in the E^ast, where the ** Pine-Tree " grows; there he encoun- ters the **two guardians of the gate," de- Erda at the foot of the tree Yggdrasil, so he also turns to his better half for ad- vice. For at midniglit of the twenty -third day the household gods ascend to heaven to report up Kn the conduct of the family, and do not return until New-Year s eve, leaving their paintino lanterns for the cmincs B new- year. The time has gone by, too, when the circle of the Supreme Court was the innermost of the seven social circles, and when the ponderous anecdotes of the bar, interlard- ed with law-Latin, furnished Attic salt for heavy feasts.They are called ' trees ' or ' wood ' of the ge- nii." King Chu also refers to a custom of his time which permitted the substitution of *' two painted likenesses of the spirits," which he tells us are " pasted on the left and right of the entrance" — Thu Yu at the left and Yuh Lui at the right. Thus runs the text: *' The Scorpion Man to his female spake : ' Who approaches bearing the flesh of the Gods in his body V The Female, the Scorpion Man inclined to : ' Ilis progress is that of a God, but his weakness is human."* A CHINESE SHOP. charges in the mean while to the tender mer- cies of the evil spirits, who, in common The sun god, Yao, having entered the with the good deities, are supposed to have world, man's struggle against evil may be inhabited the house during the year. If a judge and his family are now in the innermost circle, it is for other acquirements than those that have made him eminent in his profession.The Mung Lui, or " antithesis of the doorway," as the red paper is often called, are now thought to suffi- ciently suggest the giant guardians of the *' gates of the sun." Digitized by Google A NEW LIG ON THE CHINESE. scribed as scorpion men, whose heads tower to the dome of heaven, and whose feet rest on the shadow of the dark land of Bit Muti, ** House of Death." •* At the rising of the sun and at the set- ting of the sun they guard the sun." When Gidzubar beheld them, even he, the solar hero, trembled, and was con- strained to submit to their judgment. relaxed without too much danger.* The Chinese have the greatest fear of If our calendar were annotated with disturbing their good spirits in attacking reference to Chinese feasts and fasts, it t Vieir evil ones. There is no basic reason why society should eagerly accept a great lawyer whose life has been spent in the narrow drudgeries of his ofl Bce, and whose wife has developed amid the narrow social surroundings of a country town.The Inquirer, continuing, states that "the district magistrates have for this reason now always peach- wood fig- ures at their doors, and suspend ropes of reed and painted images of a tiger there, in memory and imitation of this past event, and in order to guard against evil.* We gain a still clearer idea of the two brothers from the constitution of the Chi- nese hell. nor fire- crackers, ^ut • the un- folded beauty of the lo- tus and the glory of the chrysanthemum. The men and women of Washington who are beings apart in the crowded assem- blages of the White House and its kin- dred dwelling-places, and who look on their fellow - beings with whom they are officially thrown into social contact as strange personalities of comparatively small importance in the universal scheme, Digitized by Google WASHINGTON SOCIETY. — these are the people who make the in- most life of the capital.

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