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16-May-2017 09:17

Lance bought a home in New York City to be closer to her.Before that he very publically dated rocker Sheryl Crow.“He tried to make Tory happy when they were dating by buying a place here, but she couldn’t deal with him not actually living in the same city, so they broke up,” another source tells Page Six.

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The couple shared several intimate moments at Dolce and Gabbana’s annual Cannes party on Friday evening at the Baoli restaurant Photos at the event showed Lance had his arm on Kate’s lower back at times.

"I go to music festivals all over the world, and I'm friends with the DJs now," the "Come Alive" singer tells Du of being embraced by her peers.

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After five months of dating, Stavros carried on a very public affair with Paris Hilton who was Mary-Kate's friend at the time. The incident compelled Mary-Kate.… continue reading »

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