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There were couples looking for other couples yet we knew my condition would keep us from that. You can masturbate to any activity you like yet we ask that you either cum in a condom or if not wearing one, a tissue. Doc then walked me over to my wife who was just chatting away with an older couple. The female hostess interacted that my wife explained that I am not a participant & she understood our agreement. The first room had doc & his escort sucking his cock while he was twisting her nipples. Searching for my wife I finally found her in a threesome with a male & female. While I was watching my wife in action & she seen me sitting there, another woman sat next to me. Mark moved up & down on me & I immediately returned his movements with my own thrust. She added that he should be rewarded & turned to my wife. Here Cathy was nice enough to let her man please you are you act like a child. She wasn’t too pleased with him when they exited the bathroom. Yes, I did watch you from time to time to catch a glimpse of you.

My wife did mention that she would be more at ease if we were talking approximately a couple then just some single random guy. I would like you to meet our gracious host doc says to me. They seemed just like any normal couple in their 50s. Everything was on a first name basis only it seemed. The second room had the Hostess with a maybe 24, 25 year old stud eating her pussy while she kept telling him harder. The male was fucking my wife & amazingly, my wife was licking the females pussy. He went all the way to the base & then up to the head. I couldn’t hold it back any longer & started to cum. Cathy asked my wife rather loudly if she would permit her man to return the favor to her man. My wife looked right at me & said, please honey, do it for me. I’m done with your crap, now, obtain off your ass & donate Mark what he earned from you. Actually, he was scolded for one thing or another most of the party so I knew he was in line for the punishment. Don’t you realize that if a girl want someone to see her breast, she makes like an accident so you can. I guess I did see you by accident on one occasion yet it was an accident, I swear. Admit that you were always watching me to try & obtain a look at me.

Not enough to interfere with our sex lives yet I did notice. She said she will use her hands & mouth on me to try & obtain me to cum. On one of the visits approximately 4 months in, we asked the doctor again approximately our needs. ” I was a bit surprised yet excited when she said “Oh Yes. She continued to hold his cock, slowly moving her hands up & down. He added that the evening is young & a lot of satisfactory times to be had. My wife looked over at me & gave that, do you approve look. She stopped looking at me & reached down & grabbed doc’s cock again. She asked me if I would take off my clothes & come by them? I mean, there is another naked man right there & it may look gay. Wither that she let go of my cock, turned over on her back, doc received on top & they fucked. They didn’t just fuck, they must have changed positions ten times. I received closer while she was still getting her pussy pounded. She then told me to beat off while she watched & cum in her mouth. The scene in front of me was enough to obtain me off in a minute or less, I tried to cum in her mouth yet the first squirt hit her face. She never swallows yet what the hell, at least I came in her mouth while she was getting pounded pretty complex because that is what she insisted on now. The thing is, after that little soft conversation, he reached for her pink swollen pussy. Was I not what she needed sexually yet she accepted it since we loved each other? I asked her what her thoughts of the previous evening were? She felt better then she has felt in a long time & thanked me for allowing it to happen. Things were approximately to alter in the bedroom & our life. He knows she is married yet has no idea that she is up for having sex with him yet he seems hopeful with his flirting when he has made deliveries. He greeted my wife with a kiss on the cheek & shook my hand while introducing himself to me & me to him. My wife excused herself to go to the ladies room & left Jimmy & I at the table together. You can not donate me any opinions approximately what you think of anyone I sleep with. You will still know who I’m with & in all likelihood, where I’m at. I nodded yes still lost for actual words to escape from my lips. I will not date anywhere we are known so not to bring embarrassment to you or our family. It seems I still have a small role yet it will only be on her terms. On the occasions I obtain to observe her having sex & not with an asshole, I obtain really excited & that feels good. Lots of guys seem to be pleasuring her, why do you need to be with other guys. I can be the manly man yet in reality, estrogen rules the house. I can assist her obtain ready for her dates yet that is approximately the extent of it. He thanked us for coming & told my wife to donate him our number & he would keep us informed when they have another obtain together. The ride home was always a quiet one yet tonight, or should I say this morning since it was almost AM. There has been one a month since then & my wife made sure to attend every one of them. I can’t touch her except when she insist while with others. While the guys were out, the women all put their clothes back on. You will accept anything any lady wants to say to you & you will do whatever is requested of you. He knew what he was doing & was very comfortable in his role. She then slid her clit over my tongue & someone then removed my blindfold. Admit you are just a piece of trash to be used by women as they please. OK everyone, time for son in law number one’s reward for being a satisfactory obedient servant at our gathering my wife announced. My wife asked my oldest daughter how long it has been since he has been allowed to cum. If I knew he was going to obtain this kind of reward today, I would have withheld it longer. He did, She instructed me to bring my ass back to his mouth. She then instructed her husband to eat every drop of cum that runs out of dad’s ass because now she has changed her mind & he shouldn’t have been able to cum so he has to take it back. She pushed his head up to my ass hole & told him to start licking. We were informed we made a huge mess & should obtain it all cleaned up quickly. I told him he wasn’t gay & that if commanded to perform with another man ever, just do it.

2 weeks into the pills & there was a definite difference then before I stated taking the pills. I & she thought it would be a satisfactory time to revisit with the doctor. We both still had the same wants & needs we had before yet trying to fulfill them because rather difficult. Sometimes I could obtain close to release & then things go completely soft & it just doesn’t go any further. We continued seeing the doctor each month for my checkups & no alter in anything good. Pretty much the same thing adding that we should find new & more thrilling ways to obtain some arousal in me & that for my wife besides oral & stimulation with toys & such, there isn’t anything outside of taking a no strings attached lover. We decided that we were just going to accept the hands we were dealt & go strong when we could & just sit back when we had to. My wife was so involved with trying to make me cum as often as possible. Please find someone for me.” With that, she started her orgasms. She then does drop to her knees & starts to engulf the cock in her mouth. I can’t remember her ever going that deep on me without gagging. She was unquestionably enjoying that cock in her mouth. He lifted her face off his cock & leaned up & kissed her lips again. I could see her tongue darting inside & exploring his mouth. I looked down at my own crotch & seen a definite wet spot coming through my pants. Doc sensed my apprehension & told me not to obtain hung up by male or female nudity. My wife noticed & said, now we know how to obtain you hard. She looked into my eyes & said out loud, babe, I am going to obtain fucked by this man shortly, are you sure you are OK with it. Doc came in the middle pulling it out, pulling off his condom & spilling it all over her back & neck. Doc pulled out, removed his condom & unloaded another round onto her. She said she was glad she could include me & to see that she was a participant in making me feel more aroused then I have in a long time & making me cum. A little over three months after that erotic night my wife said she was horny & wanted a man. To just come out & say she needed a man like there was no man already in her life. My wife assured me that she has had no contact with Jimmy besides at our door. You look cheap & that is not the message anyone should have approximately you. This is where the talk should go to work or sports or man stuff yet I guess Jimmy didn’t know this. There will be times you are invited & other times you will not be. I started thinking approximately my excitement when she is enjoying another lover & now it all feels satisfactory to me. I clean more, do more errands, some laundry & just more of what would have been considered the woman’s work not that long ago. I ask, what happens if you want sex or if you don’t want to do only what she says. Cathy can obtain pretty wicked with spankings & she is an expert in cock & ball torture. My wife was looking really tired yet was a chatterbox all the way home. In between those there were the male lovers & a few couples in their home. Mostly to lick her pussy while she is getting fucked yet now I’m not allowed to just lick her, the males shaft is included in my efforts to please her. The doorbell rang & my oldest son in law was called to open it. I think it was because he was raised in a home with a very dominate Mother. All I could see was my daughters ass hole & part of her back yet it was inviting. What do you all say to letting him fuck until he cums. Shouldn’t take him very long though since he is a quick lousy fuck any way. Ladies, don’t you feel sorry for my poor husband & his torment of giving his own daughters orgasms? Well, I do she says so I think he should join in on the reward. My wife told him to obtain busy & obtain his reward. He did & I let my muscles loose & his huge cum started flowing. By the way my wife interjected, one of the nice ladies here videoed the total party & mostly your involvement.

She went on to tell me that since it was he who first brought up the idea of a lover, perhaps he could donate her some guidance on how that actually comes approximately & perhaps some advise on the pros & cons. When I fuck her, you will be holding her hand, taking care of whatever we may need. Normally when she has multiples, there is a huge one followed by smaller ones. It was either one forever lasting one or huge ones over & over. First her hair, then face, then breast were covered with more cum than I have ever seen. My wife took her finger & whipped it off her face, She then proceeded to lick her finger. It was at that moment looking at that huge monster resting on top my wife that I realized it was unprotected. Yes, you will be able to touch & lick my clitoris when I want it yet no penetration. No panties on & undoes her bra so she is completely naked when Tim returns with my beer. I said my home is ruled by the female & not just one. My wife is from an Asian nation that is predominately Muslim. Again back to my youngest, SMAK, & the only satisfactory thing was it was finished. They told me that I better start leaning to do as I’m told & never question a woman & especially a family member woman. My hands tried to cover the assault of my groin yet people held them down. It was in really offensive shape & thought they are finished as a cock & balls. My wife told me to stay where I was & to let go of my balls. I worked it best I could & I did remember how I did that before. Sold everything or donated it to charities, cashed out my 401K, received the proper paperwork needed for me & off we went. They think someone eating their cum off of his own wife’s body is hot. She isn’t as active as she was back home yet she is 60 now. Times are changing & it is much more usual to see black & white couples so the taboo is dying. I have absolutely no objections to mixed relationships. My biggest regret to this day is the involvement I had with my own daughters. Doctors said not something that was going to kill me yet non the less, it did call for medication to control the rate or something down the road could just do that, kill me. My wife who is not one to be shy asked approximately her needs & how are we supposed to take care of each other sexually? We were just told that we would have to discuss that with each other & figure out the best thing for us. At home, we used those opportunities to continue our sex lives whenever we could. When I did obtain any kind of erection, it wouldn’t last long enough to have any kind of fulfilling sex. We had to start rethinking our whole sexual relationship. I found myself saying yes if that is what she wanted & it was only a physical thing. I told her we would need some ground rules for it to work. We both agreed there was no way we could let others know what we were up to. She would meet the person & obtain to know them somewhat before ever deciding on having sex with them. I would have veto power over any potential partner. I asked her, do you know anyone or have the hots for anyone? Evidentially he didn’t have a lot of time to talk so he told her to stop by again sometime if she wanted additional information. The second visit he came clean & said he was involved with a small swingers community in town. Comfortable & he had a bottle of wine waiting there with three glasses. I mean, friends & relatives have done it before & no huge deal. It was OK if I wanted to remove some or all my clothes if I were more comfortable that way. Once he reached the top, he slid it off her shoulders & down her arms. Docs rigid cock sprung from it’s position to straight out. Not a monster yet unquestionably bigger even in my satisfactory days. I could see a smile on her face when he parted her pussy lips with his cock. She was still wet or wet again & I could clearly see her juice coating his cock. I just couldn’t believe how many times he was fucking her & she him. A minute later, he pulled out, ripped off his condom & shot on her side & back. He said he does know that it will be up to me & she will abide by my wishes yet that I truly would be making a frustrated Woman who could eventually cheat on me because of her needs overpowering her usual sense. Over & over how sorry she was came out of her yet she said she no longer could live that way. She said that no matter what, I am her love & life & that will never change. She adds that we need to alter the ground rules a bit though. He continued with, I know she wants me the way she talked to me & came up with this dinner. He still wasn’t finished & knew with my stunned silence, he could continue. As a matter of safety, I will have STD test conducted every four to six months. Always satisfactory when I obtain to spend some hardcore sex time with your wife. Have a seat he tells me while he takes my wife in his arms & kisses her passionately. My daughters so wanted to make sure their husbands were right they both had my wife take charge in training them. The weirdest thing was when my one daughter had been married for three years & the other one year, my wife brought everyone in the family together. In the living room of our home, she instructed everyone to strip down to nothing. I don’t think I have seen them that way since they were 6 or 7 years old. My wife informed them that her husband & other son in law would be out from the kitchen in a moment. She told us all that the girls are having a little party. OK then, time for my husband to lean over the chair. I don’t know if I can take what my son in law just took. I paused & she insisted I better obtain going if I want to breathe again. I just need to obtain out of my head who it is & just take in the taste & aromas. The daughters took off for their homes with their husbands & my wife & I sat down. The term cuckold actually means someone who’s wife is cheating on him & while others know, he does not.After a week on the medication I noticed a slight reduction in the hardness of my erections. For me, she will try everything she could to obtain me excited as much as possible yet any penetration is out because if things go down once in, it just causes disappointment. I added, “are you ready to find a love to take care of your pussy? She told me she liked that idea of me being present yet worried that she wouldn’t care for a group surrounding & that I would have a complex time seeing her with someone else. This way, I can feel like I am at least going through the motions of being her protector. He won’t run around telling people approximately you or me. I was to speak with him & he would donate me some insights as to what we were getting into. He explained that it would not be a group of couples yet would be him alone. He repeated over & over many times how attractive my wife is & he thanked me numerous times for the opportunity to spend time with us. My wife grabbed his cock in both hands & appeared to be dropping to her knees yet doc stopped her. She stood there, hands on his cock in her bikini panties. Now, there were two fully naked people right before my eyes & most astonishing is, one is my wife. He had to stop her saying it wasn’t time to cum yet. You are not conducting the show in any manor yet you still feel part of it. My wife looked at me, reached up, touched my cock & said come here. I really couldn’t hear them yet figured they should have some time for themselves. It was like I could see her clit start to engorge & grow fuller. Have I denied her so much since my condition came into the picture or have I always denied her what she craved? My wife then kissed me & we left, together, to return to our home & family. After a quiet next morning approximately anything other then the normal day to day family stuff, the afternoon gave us a chance to talk & reflect. Jimmy it seems is a delivery person for a major package delivery company & they met at our door a number of times. There where we were all closer together & the drinks were flowing a bit faster then with dinner, the talk moreover received more lose lipped. I know myself better then you so will make my own decisions. Was I being eliminated from her sexual life all together? Should I be that dominate male & put my foot down & tell her this all comes to an end now? Better to at least know what is happening & with whom. Because it is what Cathy wants, demands of me for her pleasure. She has control in all sexual situations mainly yet it does spill over into our home. Well, I always know she is in charge even though I still make the mans decisions when it comes to the home & family. I am forbidden from even touching her unless she commands it. Before leaving we bid our farewells to anyone who could listen & we were able to thank the host for a tremendous evening. Maybe next time if it was so offensive you can stay home. I mean, I am still the same man I was now as when we first arrived. Another year has passed since that first swing party. In the mean time the men will go to the kitchen & make us all drinks & obtain some snacks ready. Here was a 57 year old woman still looking like 35 instructing her 60 year old husband & two sons in laws what to do while they are fully naked. You will take care of any needs we may have while we have our party. She then added, anyone who does a offensive job will be punished by me, the one that does the best job in serving us will be rewarded nicely. As we moved around the room serving the women it was became ovious that the main competition would be between myself & my oldest son in law. Now subbie, are you going to remember what will happen if you make mistakes again & dishonor your wife? SMAK to the back of his left leg, SMAK to the back of his right leg. My wife ordered him to stand against the wall now yet don’t make a mess. 2 each by each of my daughters who say they deserve it. I still kept running out of air yet whenever she lowered herself back on me I went right back at it. You are disgusting All I could say was yes mam, I am. Upon entering we were informed it was now our duty to clean the house. Just keep the love in the family & continue to support & take care of each other. She is a lot easier to live with when that happens & she isn’t flustered by the lack of physical contact. But, none the less, we were discussing it with no complex feelings. Then, she orgasm & it was better than it has been for quite some time. That night we repeated the same routine & put in the next tape. She talked & laughed through the oral scenes sometimes stating she would have had him off way before the actress even received him that excited. He said that she was hot & hoped to obtain some of her action tonight. One man eating her pussy, two other watching the action. At the same time, I have no problems with sucking your cock right now. Again he reached & put his hand around my erect cock. Keep control of yourself or you will be liking the floors clean. Although he compared them as being equally as beautiful, that didn’t fly. I admit, they both looked fantastic yet the one woman was 20 years my wife’s junior.

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