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We know how to talk, and we know how to email or text message: chatbots allow us to get questions and answers in convenient, familiar ways.The technology is here, the devices are readily available, and there are plenty of use cases where chatbots make more » View from the Triptease product team When we launched our Direct Booking Platform: Ilio Edition earlier this year, all eyes were on the brand-new messenger feature it contained.The release of Front Desk marked the opening of a new chapter in the Triptease story - and it's taught us a...understand what we’re saying, devices powered by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can be had for as little as , and app developers can leverage powerful conversational AI platforms created by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft (among others) for their own applications.We’re asking chatbots to check our credit card balance via text message, schedule meetings for us, and even act as graduate assistants.While many of the world's hotels are just beginning... read more » "What you do is less important than how you make people feel." Watch Triptease's Chief Tease Charlie Osmond as he takes us through the booming business of messaging in the hospitality industry.From pre-stay webchat to on-property Whats App, 24/7 agent portals to chatbot concierges, the importance of messaging is...

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Customers aren't going to adapt to your user experience." When it comes to the chatbot debate, we're reminded of that sage advice, given by Hyatt's Sanchit Rege at the 2017 Direct Booking Summit. According to Booking, the chatbot 'empowers customers to get first-line support for their upcoming bookings, including timely responses to their most common stay-related requests, all through a single intuitive...It won’t be long before you are able to take a picture of your living room and get personalized furniture recommendations from a computer, for example.Side note: Machine learning holds a lot of promise for L&D… The big barrier preventing L&D from adopting learning approaches driven by machine learning will be figuring out what data matters and how to collect it at scale from diverse sources.Basic chatbots have been around for a long time (just ask a child of the 90s – Smarter Child, anyone? But it was not until recently that conversational AI reached a level of sophistication that made it useful for a wide range of things.

Chatbots round-up #4 the winners of the 1st Chatbots Awards in our industry A few days ago, our friends at ChatBottle announced the winners of the first chatbots awards in our industry, selected by both bot experts and the design+tech community.… continue reading »

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We at Triptease don’t get too far these days without hearing the words, “messaging”, “artificial intelligence”, and “chatbot”. That’s partly because we’re immersed in all three thanks to engagement feature Message Porter, chat tool Front Desk and our new automated chatbot, Auto-Agent.… continue reading »

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A chatbot could be used to ask a series of questions, either via text or spoken word, and record learner responses. By using multiple choice questions, a “Quiz Bot” could be up and running quickly. It could provide learners with a convenient way to review content or prove their mastery of a topic. Responses can be recorded, scored, and.… continue reading »

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