Aspxgridview rowupdating newvalues empty

13-Mar-2017 00:32

I confirmed this using Reflector: protected virtual void On Row Updating(Grid View Update Event Args e) { bool flag1 = base. Is Bound Using Data Source ID; Grid View Update Event Handler handler1 = (Grid View Update Event Handler) base. I have Gridview in my page and i am trying to edit information with in grid. Thank you, Bhavin Gajjar Excuse me for my tardiness - I was on a vacation.I have worked before with gridview row update/delete.never faced such problem.From this Use Net thread apparently the collections are only available when using the datasource controls or the objectdatasource.My question: Is there any kind of workaround for this? Find Control("ddl2"); im able to get the value of second control but im not able to get the value of first control its returning me null...

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Now on clicking update link it fires Row Updating method and there i found e.newvalues.count = 0. Thank you for taking interest in this matter Allen.

I am using custom business objects and am loading a collection of them my self and binding the collection to the Grid VView as needed.

ASPxClientGridView. UpdateEdit Method. To change ASPxGridView's data from the client side. e. NewValues "Name".… continue reading »

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In gridview rowupdating event, the row is not actually updated. It handles the event for the row before updates. Please go through the link below;.… continue reading »

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I ran into a situation this morning where the RowUpdating event of a GridView kept insisting there were no entries in either the OldValues or NewValues dictionaries. The GridView is bound to a strongly-typed collection, derived from CollectionBase, through the control's datasource property at runtime.… continue reading »

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GridView, DataSource, RowUpdating, e. OldValues and e. NewValues collections - Data Grid Control. A friend asked me to help him out on this and frankly it has me completely stumped as well. I have a GridView control and use old style manual binding with a DataSource property and invoke the DataBind method.… continue reading »

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