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20-Jun-2017 23:08

According to Probal Dasgupta’s study The Otherness of English: India’s Auntie Tongue Syndrome, the term aunty “functions these days as a marker of Western sophistication among the upwardly mobile middle classes in urban and semi-urban India.” Many of the Indians who reside in the Bay Area are products of this urban, elite heritage, and they seem determined to use “aunty” liberally and pass on the custom to their unsuspecting offspring.

Today, the title “aunty” is so overused and misused that it has lost its position and meaning.

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Children have always needed aunties: women who were caring and courageous enough to share in the act of mothering.

And aunties have always been part of every child’s “village,” whether in India or the United States.

The gathering was of mixed age, ethnicity, and gender. What happened to Indian grace, hospitality, and our cultural reverence for the wisdom and experience of age?

In the India of my childhood, aunties were privileged and exceptional members of the family.

As the author writes, there’s no reason to “let the aunt slide unremembered into the dust box of history.” Acknowledging significant family members is important, and I agree that we should celebrate those figures who mean something to us. Let us not diminish the value of extended family, or reduce the importance of commitment and involvement, by loose interpretations and titles drawn by vanity.There are equivalent terms in every Indian language: terms like maami, mausi, and didi that all validate close family connections. Her use of the term “aunty” with a perfect stranger was both deliberate and careless. There was no regard for long-term association or affection.But amongst English-speaking Indian Americans, the frequent use of “aunty” or “uncle” is more often an example of lazy speech, or a desire to bump the individual in question into the category of doddering older-other, than it is a thoughtful moniker of respect. I attended an art exhibition in the home of an Indian-American couple a few months back. This was clearly an example of “you’re from an older, other world, and I’m still young, and I want to put some distance between us.” I’m not the only one who feels this way.Don't forget to check out all the different phone sex operators Cuckold Phone Sex | MILF Phone Sex | Domination Phone Sex | Fetish Phone Sex | Shemale Phone Sex | ABDL Phone Sex | Mature Phone Sex | Mommy Phone Sex | Phone Sex | BBW Phone Sex | Submissive Phone Sex | Barely Legal Phone Sex | All Phone Sex Operators | Cuckold Phone Sex Operators | BBW Phone Sex Operators | MILF Phone Sex Operators | Domination Phone Sex Operators | Fetish Phone Sex Operators | Mature Phone Sex Operators | Barely Legal Phone Sex Operators | Mommy Phone Sex Operators | Shemale Phone Sex Operators | ABDL Phone Sex Operators | Submissive Phone Sex Operators | Naughty Teen Phone Sex Girls! We cater to every different mommy phone sex fantasy that you can imagine - with no limits and no taboos you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for. Unrestricted Our no taboos girls are ready, willing and able to fulfill your most extreme, hardcore fantasies. These phonesex girls are open to anything at any time - choose a horny housewife!