Automatic updating of formulas in excel

25-Jun-2017 02:38

Unfortunately, if your spreadsheet is very large and contains a high number of formulas, then updating all of your formula values can be a pretty time-consuming and resource-intensive activity.

Fortunately you can make Excel 2010 stop updating your formula totals whenever you make a change to a cell and instead execute all of your formula calculations manually.

Formulas that you use in Excel can perform a number of calculations or functions that automate some of the work that you are doing.

These formulas often reference cells in a worksheet, meaning that the value contained in that cell is used in the formula.

Open the Excel file for which you wish to disable calculations. Click the Calculation Options drop-down menu in the Calculation section of the ribbon, then click the Manual option.

You can now choose when you want to update your formulas on the spreadsheet.

Alternatively you could press the F9 key on your keyboard to force the workbook to calculate.

You can use formulas in Microsoft Excel 2010 to perform calculations based upon the values in your spreadsheet.

In this case, I need to change the cell reference in the formula each time when I insert rows.

I have a simple cell reference in one of my cells down a column e.g.:"=H6", “=H7” etc.