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Of course, by itself none of this was particularly earth-shattering or unexpected.

Some of us had worn various HR straps for long periods of time to gather this data, but Basis made it effortless (just wear a watch), and without any uncomfortable chest strap.

But I could also zoom in and get more clarity if I wanted – down to just a few minute slice.

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If you just wore the device during day (likely since the Apple Watch doesn’t do sleep metrics), then you can comfortably just take your minimum HR value shown on the graphs. As a result, I recommend you spend the first few days looking at patterns while you’re relaxing early in the morning.When that rises, I know that my training load, travel load, or work load may be getting out of balance. But if I’m on an easy training week and my resting HR has been climbing to 50bpm, then something might be amiss. But it’s a key indicator that something isn’t right.Historically I’ve found that as soon as my RHR breaks about 51-52bpm, I’m sick and/or feeling beat down/exhausted. For each person, how you respond to that will vary. But most people that track RHR data do find fascinating patterns in it.For me, the most valuable use case of the data is around fatigue and predicting some sickness.

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For example, my resting HR is usually in the 39-42bpm range.More and more devices over the last 1-2 years have begun to include the ability to record your heart rate (HR) data around the clock. Further, does it really matter which device you use? The trend of gathering 24×7 HR data was really started with Basis, back a number of years ago with the Basis B1 watch.No longer are you limited to just workout HR data, but now you can get it while you eat, sleep and work (and practice Valentine’s Day). And in many ways, they continue to be the company that does 24×7 data gathering the best (now with the newer Basis Peak).However, some of those were cumbersome, and all required extra effort (which, let’s be honest, none of us wanted to do upon waking up).